Vitamin B5 Teat AcneVitamin B5 is a common vitamin which resides in almost all kinds of foods which you eat daily. But the amount of B5 found in the foods is too little to have a good effect on your skin when it comes to acne. You could buy vitamin B5 for acne as a over-the-counter product but the intention is not to use it for acne and the amount is too small once again. So if someone says you should buy their jar of vitamin B5 be sure to check how much B5 you really get for your money or you’ll be wasting all your money and still have your acne left. As a matter of fact you could also get other substances which are bad in too big doses. So when you have decided to go with vitamin B5 for acne I suggest you first of all check on products that is meant to treat acne, and acne alone. Then you can check for the cheapest one, remember, if one product is more expensive than the other you may get a higher concentration of B5.

When you eat these vitamins it reduces the amount of sebum generated by your sebacous glands residing in your hair follicles. Many people feel that their skin is much cleaner and is a lot smoother after the vitamin treatment. Sometimes the vitamin B5 is called pantothenic acid, but it just a fancy name for the same thing. I sugest you talk to a dermatologist before trying to treat your acne with vitamin B5.