Did you know that you can successfully treat acne with acupuncture? No? Well you can! The treatment is not thatĀ  common yet but is gaining popularity just as acupuncture for dogs! In chinese medicine acupuncture for acne is very common and is looked upon as a good alternative if you don’t want to use medicines. If you have suffered from acne long you may know that there are literarily hundreds of different treatments out there. In my opinion it is good that there are quite a few because I believe that different methods work for different people and that there are no “one-solve-all” products out there. Although acupuncture for acne has been successful inĀ  different studies it might not work for everyone since the results can vary, you might have to combine different treatments to achieve the best results. One reason why you may choose acupuncture instead of tradition medicine to fight against bad acne is the dangers and risks you take when choosing medicine or even laser treatment/surgery over natural remedies. In some cases there is no other option than to look for non drug related treatment, but I’d try to avoid drugs as a treatment for anything since it’s negative side effects can be really bad (like a bad stomach ache).

The treatment itself is painless. Don’t expect to walk in and out of the door with just a few needles inserted. The procedure is often thorough and often starts with an analysis of your body’s health. In chinese medicine looking at the tongue is the key to you whole body’s well-being and can indicate what type of acne you have. Some acupuncturists even give you herbal treatments which is to be drunk as normal tea. Most acupuncturists (and dermatologists) recommend a change in diet, and you may have heard: “you are what you eat”, and it’s true! Most bad things we eat can give an reaction in forms of acne. If you eat fat foods the skin in your body can overproduce sebum thus causing acne.

As with all kinds of treatments, remedies and medicines there are the aspect if it actually works. There are quite a few studies that have shown positive effect after using acupuncture for acne, while there are some that don’t show any significant effect at all. But in the long run it is an affordable and risk free treatment. And I would choose that over any other medicine, any day! The only downside is that the results cannot be guaranteed, however that is the case for any treatment even though medicines tend to work in most cases.

Since acne is harmless you will not get any side effect at all so if you suffer from acne or severe acne you should really give this treatment a fair chance. The time it take for your body to adjust to the treatment vary from three to four weeks. Remember to consult your dermatologist before starting with acupuncture for acne as a treatment!