First of all I’m going to tell you what teenage acne is and later on how to treat teenage spots. Teenage acne is acne which you get in your teens. There is a lot of people who experience teenage acne, as a matter of fact most people do and almost all search treatment for teenage acne. Around 85% is estimated to experience acne in their teen years. And many people over 25 still have a problem with acne. Most teens can feel that it’s embarrassing to have acne and since acne can also manifest on your back and shoulders many people avoid exposing parts of their body because of their acne. For example many people avoid wearing clothes that show of your body too much just because of this.

What you should know is that acne will not last forever and it will go away. You just have to deal with it for some time. But with that said it doesn’t mean you can treat it! You CAN treat acne and you don’t have to suffer from it for too long if you start treatment for teenage acne as early as you can. Though very severe acne can leave scars, but that is treatable too ny using different kinds of laser treatments. You could also read here on how to get rid of acne scars with chemical peels.

One thing most people want to know is how to treat teenage spots.To treat your acne you may have to get some help from your doctor or dermatologist to determine what kind of acne you have, since it can alter in different types of treatment. The duration which you use your acne treatment product shouldn’t be longer than a couple of months (around 2-3). The most normal kinds of acne is whiteheads and blackheads, whiteheads is the type of acne which appear as white spots on your face. The white spot itself is excessive sebum trying to make its way out of the hair follicles where they are produced. The blackheads are also called comedones and come from the sebum which comes from your hair follicles along with dead skin cells. You only get blackheads when the hair follicles opening is bigger than normal. Common parts of your face where you get blackheads are your nose and about 4cm below your eyes. If the dermatologist find out that your skin is “oily” or dry you get different kinds of treatment for your teenage acne. If one’s skin is oily you probably get a gel that has a drying effect on your skin, and a person with dry skin gets a moisturizing gel.

All in all I think you should contact a dermatologist as soon as you can see symptoms from tenage acne. As soon as you do the faster you will be able to treat your teenage acne spots. But don’t forget to go trough all the common health tips on how to treat your body right before searching for more advanced remedies.