Many people who suffer or have suffered have been using different types of treatment methods to deal with their acne. The different treatments can be medication, home remedies, “over the counter medication” (medicine without prescription), herbal mixtures just to mention a few. Some treatments work and some don’t, some treatments who work for some does not work for someone else. But one thing that many people who have had acne have in common are the scars. Nasty and ugly looking crater like scars on their face. Like a trace of the past where the acne have been.

Not all people who have had some type of acne, be it severe or not can get ugly looking scars. If the acne will leave scars depend a lot on if you squeezed or picked your pimples (acne) a lot when you had problems with it. Since it could get a lot worse if you did squeeze them.

This is where acne laser treatment takes up where the other treatments stop. Well, the treatments differ in purpose since acne laser treatment is to remove the scars which your acne caused. But there are acne laser treatments to remove acne as well, but it is not as common as the normal treatments such as medication and creams.

Laser surgery is very common today and have helped a lot of people gaining their self-confidence back. Today more and more people reside in using laser treatment to get rid of their acne scars. The method itself is called resurfacing and it’s purpose is to “re-surface” your skin and make your scars blend in more to your unscarred skin. All in all, making it less look like a scar. The wanted effect on your skin is to reduce the amount of sebum, which is the oily substance in your skin which can be excessive in people with acne problems.

Please bear in mind that this procedure is not fit for everyone and different skin types can give different results. Bear also in mind that it can take some time for the surgery to heal and the real results can take up four weeks. Some people have to undergo several treatments to get better results.