Cystic nodule acne is a severe acne where the acne reveals itself in form of small cysts in your face, back, shoulders and/or chest. Cystic acne is also known as “nodulocystic acne” or “cystic nodular acne”, which is a more appropriate name for it since it is not really cysts if you compare to the definition of a “cystic structure”. It is more of a bump in your skin, almost as if someone put something small, like a pea underneath it. Cystic acne nodules is much more rare than your normal acne which appears on the skins “surface” if you compare to the cystic nodule acne where there is an actual inflammation underneath it. Cystic acne does not come from clogged hair follicles like a normal acne and is not filled with excessive sebum but rather a fluid product of inflammation which is commonly known as “pus”.

Cystic nodule acne can be extremely painful, and since you can get them almost everywhere on your upper body it can easily affect your everyday life since it is almost impossible to avoid putting pressure on them at some point. Most forms of acne can be squized and picked (not a good idea), however a cystic acne is very hard to squeeze. Not only because it really, really hurts but also since the pus-like substance is and the inflamed area is much deeper into your skin.

It is really important that you treat cystic acne as soon as you have them, since the inflammation in your skin is severe it can really damage your skin and will most likely leave you with a scar, for that you will need additional help with scar removal. Antibiotics is usually taken to help the body to treat the acne. And remember that scarring to your face can heal quite good but the skin on your back, shoulders and chest is much thicker and doesn’t heal as good as a scar from a cystic nodule acne in your face would.