You might have heard of benzoyl peroxide when it comes to acne treatment, but do you know what is is? Benzoyl Peroxide is a chemical and was first brought to use in the 1920s when it comes to acne treatment. The Benzoyl Peroxide when sold as a product often comes in a gel or cream form.

The concentration of Benzoyl Peroxide is around 2.5/5 and somtimes 10%. Some can’t tolerate a percentage that high (5-10%) but tests have shown that the difference between a Benzoyl Peroxide product with lower concentration have minimal difference in effectiviness.

When you first use the gel it can cause dryness and irritation as the chemical has a water absorbing effect on skin. But you don’t have to worry since the toleration of the product increases over time, it should be fine after a few weeks. The Benzoyl Peroxide has a cleaning effect on your skin and cleans your pores, killing bacteriea that resides in them. The bacteria itself is a common reason why you get acne in the first place. Bacteria along with increased sebum in your hair follicles can cause a clog and you get acne. Remember that all benzoyl peroxide products can discolor things, common things that get discolored is your clothes if you have them on you during the treatment. A good tip is to wash your face before removing your clothes since it will come in contact with your clothes almost all the time and the white bleaching effect it has on your clothes is something you want to avoid. Another thing that gets bleached is your bedclothes, usually the pillow.

Today Benzoyl Peroxide is very popular when it comes to acne treatment and is used in different kinds of products/brands all over the world. You don’t need a medical prescription to buy products which have Benzoyl Peroxide in them. The chemical is often used as a combo in products with other purposes than treating acne, such as gels, cleansers, lotion and much more. Remember this is a treatment against acne and future acne problems and not something you use to treat acne scars, for that you need specific acne scar removal products.

Treat acne with benzoyl-peroxide