Body acne is acne which you have below your neck. Common areas which are affected when talking about body acne is shoulders and lower back. People who have some related who have had body acne could also get body acne later on, it could be you father or mother. And people who have acne often also have some degree of body acne as well. As you probably know the skin on your face is not as thick as the skin on your back, and the pores is bigger on your back which can result in a more severe acne on your back. Often you have pressure on your back and shoulders (backpack, heavy clothing etc) so it can be very painful.

How to treat body acne
What you should avoid when having body acne is creating some kind of irritation to it. Irriation will most likely make it worse and can sometimes infect the pores even more where the acne is. This can of course be quite hard to avoid since you have something on your back almost all the time. Sweaty clothes is a common cause to acne on your back so try to stay clean and change clothes often. This includes the sheets on your bed etc. Remember that you rub against that a lot more than you think. Note that this may not help you how to get rid of acne overnight but it certainly will help you not getting more acne because of these simple reasons.

Try to avoid damp and sweaty clothes (e.g. when excersising). Try to use a material that breathes a lot and don’t use regular t-shirts etc, since they just get soaked in no time. This is by far the best tip to avoid and treat body acne.