Sleeping baby (no acne)Learning how to treat baby acne is not that hard, and yes… newborn babies can get acne too! As a matter of fact it is quite common among newborn babies to have acne/pimples. It can be present at birth or it could come after a few weeks, the acne often appears on the baby’s cheeks, or sometimes on the forehead (not as common). Since the baby’s skin is very thin and fragile the acne can look a lot more severe than it really is. Along with the common whiteheads you see on teenagers you also have a red skin irritation around the acne. Therefore you should always keep your baby’s mouth dry after meals or just from drooling, so to treat baby acne is not that hard.

The acne can also get worse, just as it can on adults or teenagers who get sweaty, hot or cover their skin (for example makeup, bad skin care products. Things who can make baby acne worse are saliva, rough fabric and such things.

What is the cause to baby acne/pimples?
This has been debated a lot of times before and there aren’t any perfect answers for this questions. Some experts say that it is because of the mothers increased hormone levels which is then transferred to the baby. And the baby reacts just as any adult person does. One other thing that might be causing acne to babies is medication, it could be medication that have side effect that can cause acne and is transferred to the baby when nursing.

Baby acne doesn’t last very long and is usually gone after a few weeks and you can easily treat it if the baby got it from dense skin. After all acne on babies is often caused by things that comes from it’s mother and not something that the baby is causing by itself other than saliva that prevents the skin around the mouth from being dry.