To avoid getting acne there are several steps you should go trough to rule out possible bad habits that can cause acne. Things that can reduce your problems with acne are; home remedies, skin care and avoiding specific foods.

  1. Eat as healthy as you can, some dietist believe that eating bad things that your body can’t absorb result in bad skin (acne) around your chins, nose and mouth.
  2. Make sure youre face is top notch and use skin care products.
  3. Different foods and sometimes cosmetics can have a bad effect on your skin and cause acne.
  4. Benzoyl peroxide can be a good supplement to make sure acne never sees the light of day.
  5. Foods with low fat, vitamins and high levels of fiber are better than junk food when it comes to your skin.
  6. Remember to drink a lot of water, water helps to cleanse your body from many things which your body can’t absorb.
  7. Do not squeeze your blackheads! Use a nose strip (blackhead remover) instead.
  8. Do not overuse oily products to moisturize your skin. Acne is a result in excess of sebum (oily matter in your hair follicles).

Try to make sure you’re following these steps and you will see better results with your acne problem.