When having acne you get these pimples/zits/blackheads/whiteheads. It can be a very frustrating thing to have them and it can often feel like you’re holding a big sign on you saying: Hey, I’ve got acne, look it’s gross!  As a result many people tend to squeeze their acne vulgaris thinking it might get away and look less bad. As a matter of fact it might not, by squeezing and picking your acne you are stalling the healing process which has to be taken care of by the skin, and the skin alone. Actually your attempt to treat your back acne for example can really become a bad acne treatment. It won’t help if you scratch it. It can actually make it even worse. When you scratch your face you are making really small cuts in your skin and the face is really a bad place to make cuts to since the face tissue can’t be replaced. Instead it heals your damaged skin with scar tissue which is harder and have no skin pigment whatsoever. And all types of scars are hard to hide, ranging from accidental scars, acne scars and getting a stretch mark removal.

Not all people who’ve had acne will have scars on their skin. It depends on a) How much damage did you do to your skin, and b) how much damage did the acne do to your skin. You can easily prevent some of the scaring by NOT picking/squeezing/scratching your acne! Who wants to have a many small scars when you no longer suffer from acne as an adult? And the second one actually boils down to which type of acne you have got. Since there are different types of acne and the more severe they are the more scars it can leave you with. And remember, even though you get some small scars, over time the skin will heal it better and better. But there are some scars which your skin can’t take away completely and those are from the most severe type of acne (acne with cysts/lumps etc). If you want to find a quick way to hide your acne scars you can try to find the best foundation to cover wrinkles which have a good effect on acne scars too.

If you suffer from a really severe and bad acne I suggest you see your doctor or dermatologist for proper treatment imediately. Today there are different kinds of treatments to remove acne scars with and learning how to get rid of back acne and other severe types of acne can be difficult. The most popular being “laser resurfacing”. Laser resurfacing removes the scar tissue which lies on top of your scar which makes you skin smother and the scar less noticable. But remember that the best acne treatment is seldom the cheapest one, read thourougly about a specific acne treatment before consider buying it! Other than that you could also do a home chemical peel to treat your acne, which basically improves the appearance of the damaged skin.