Hormonal acne is something that happens to everyone. Some more than others. Women have more acne than men in general since they have more conditions in their lives which have an increase in hormones and thus causing more acne. I’m not saying it will cause acne, but it could. We all react different to hormones.

It’s can be difficult to know if your acne is hormonal but most hormonal acne appears during special conditions. Some of them are:

  • Adult-onset acne, some people never get acne, but then some day in their adult it’s just there!
  • Before menstrual cycle
  • When you have an excessive amount of facial oil (sebum)
  • During puberty
  • During pregnancy
  • During menopause

As you see most of these conditions only appear in women and they are the ones who experience acne the most. During the puberty the case is different. When puberty manifests in teenagers the hormone levels increase. The hormones in your body control a lot of things in your body, especially when it comes to teen acne. The hormone “androgen” cause bodyfunctions as skin oil to increase (sebum). It also controls the sebaceous glans in your skin which makes the oily matter (sebum) to pour out of your skin and lubricate it. When the sebum moves up tries to lubricate your skin it mixes with bacteria and gets clogged halway. This will cause the hair follicles to get infected and grow the bacteria even more. All in all this can cause acne, and is often the cause of teenage acne. Male teenagers have more testosterone than females, males teenagers tend to have more problems with hormonal acne than females.